Project Area Maps for Tower Avenue North Meadows Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Project: Work is predominately sewer rehabilitation work and includes sewer mainline and house connection lining and sewer point repairs. Coastline Construction Corporation (CCC) is the contractor for Tower Ave Area Sewer Repairs Project. The scope of work is sewer rehabilitation with sewer point repairs, sewer mains and laterals lining, rehabilitation of sewer manholes and reconnection of catch basins to a stormwater system. CCC will perform sewer repairs, stormwater reconnection and other dig works, their subcontractor, National Water Main (NWM) will install a new CIPP liner for mains and laterals. The work will be performed on the following streets:
Tower Avenue (from Waverly St to Main St)
Main Street (from Cleveland Ave to Windsor Ave)
Addison Street
Ashford Street
Barbour Street
Cambridge Street
Cleveland Avenue
Greenwich Street
Hampton Street
Melrose Street
Montville Street
Rosemont Street
Rutland Street

Contractors: Coastline, National Water Main (includes 30% Hartford resident workforce)
Schedule: August to December 2023
Two neighborhood outreach meetings held on August 22 and 23

Project Outreach Construction Notices

Sewer House Connection and Lining Notice (Sept 29)
Sewer House Connection and Lining Notice (Sept. 21)
Preconstruction Notice