The State of Connecticut and MDC Ordinances require that the MDC conduct periodic inspections of properties for cross connections. A cross connection is an actual or potential connection between a public water system and any other source or system through which it is possible to introduce any contamination or polluting agent. The regulations require that owners of commercial, industrial and residential buildings install and maintain cross connection control devices if there is the possibility of a “toxic or objectionable substance” being used at, in or outside the structure.

State of Connecticut cross connection regulations require that the property owner notify the MDC and obtain approval of any plans to construct or install any equipment or systems capable of introducing contaminants into the Districts drinking water system. The cross connection requirements have been expanded to include, but are not limited to fire suppression systems, lawn irrigation systems, marinas, boilers, solar heat, geothermal wells, lawn irrigation wells, ice machines and facilities which utilize chemicals within the premises which meet the definition of toxic or objectionable substances.

For further information regarding District cross-connection rules and regulations please refer to the following (Ordinance Section W-12 Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention, Part 12 Water Supply Ordinances) and (Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Manual of Practice, District Ordinance Section W12m).

State of Connecticut Department of Public Health’s Cross Connection webpage link