The Metropolitan District (MDC) has launched the MDC Radio Frequency Program.  The goal of this program is to install automated meter reading devices for our customers.  The devices allow the MDC to read customer water meters using a low-powered radio signal sent from the meter to an MDC vehicle as it drives down the street.  The automated meter reading devices will reduce manual meter reading, increase customer billing accuracy and reduce estimated bills.  Security, both for meter readers and customers, will also be improved by eliminating the need to regularly access meters on customer properties.


MDC Radio Frequency devices are FREE and will be installed at no charge by the MDC.  Customers  will be contacted by the MDC or the MDC’s authorized call center to schedule an installation appointment.  It is critical that the MDC receive a response from every customer contacted for the program; customers who ignore repeated contact attempts may have their water service shut off.


Installation generally takes less than an hour and involves attaching the radio frequency device to your existing water meter and running a small wire through the wall to a panel installed outside your home. In most cases the water meter will be replaced at the same time the MDC Radio Frequency device is installed to ensure compatibility with the device.  The MDC representative will review the installation location with you prior to beginning.  Please note that all MDC staff or representatives will have MDC identification badges and be driving vehicles with MDC logos. Access to the meter is required.


For some customers the first water bill after the device is installed may be estimated.  This can occur if the device is installed during the time when the meter is normally read.  Subsequent water bills will have accurate water usage thanks to the radio frequency system.

Thank you for your time and cooperation,
The Metropolitan District Radio Frequency Team

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