The West Hartford Reservoirs and Reservoir 6 are the sites of MDC’s water treatment facilities, five small reservoirs and more than 3,000 acres of some of the most beautiful woodlands and trails in the region.

A nature lover’s paradise, the area features 3,000 acres of beautiful forestland; there are more than 30 miles of paved and gravel roads for joggers and bicyclists, hiking trails, wheel-chair accessible picnic groves, cross-country skiing and snow shoeing.  

The land is public water supply watershed land that protects the quality of MDC reservoirs and drinking water. Although the beauty of the MDC reservoir areas has long made them an attraction for recreation, they are not public parks. Their public use is regulated by the Connecticut Department of Public Health (Section 24-43c of the Connecticut General Statutes) and enforced by MDC police.

We invite you to enjoy the unique beauty of New England’s flora and fauna every season of the year. We ask only that you always show respect for the delicate environment that surrounds you and abide by our posted Rules and Regulations. Please note that drones are prohibited at all MDC recreation facilities.

The West Hartford Reservoirs are located at 1420 Farmington Avenue. The entrance to Reservoir 6 is located on Route 44, approximately 1.1 miles west of the Mountain Road intersection. Both reservoirs open daily at sunrise and close daily at sunset. Both reservoirs are open seven days a week except for two days a year, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Check the banner at the top of the website for any weather-related closings.

West Hartford Reservoirs Trail Map
Reservoir 6 Trail Map
West Hartford Reservoirs & Reservoir 6 Trail Maps combined