The Department of Engineering & Planning (E&P) at the MDC is responsible for the planning and design, or review, of new and rehabilitation projects for water and sewer services (pipelines, pump stations, and treatment plants) within the District. There are three ways projects are initiated in E&P:

Petition Projects
Homeowners or businesses within the District’s service areas request water or sewer services, or both, to be provided (i.e., for new mains to be extended in front of a property so a water service or a sewer lateral may be installed). The E&P Department is responsible for the design of these new projects in-house (by staff or consultants) and will prepare these projects for the bidding process. These projects are funded through the District’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). On completion of these projects, assessments become due for the new water or sewer services. Petitions are to be directed to the Technical Services Department for consideration.
Procedure For Layout and Assessment of Water Mains
Procedure For Layout and Assessment of Sewer Mains

Developer’s Permit Application (DPA)
Developers of property within the District’s service areas may forego the petition process and apply to build new water and sewer services from plans designed by the developer’s engineer (a Connecticut Registered Professional Engineer) and reviewed by the MDC E&P or Technical Services staff. In this case, the developer is responsible for all engineering, inspection and construction costs for the installation of the water and/or sewer services. Although rare, existing homeowners or businesses within the District may act as a developer and apply for this process as well. DPA’s may be applied for through the Technical Services Department.

Planned Rehabilitation Projects
These projects are again designed and prepared for bid within the MDC E&P Department from planned replacements/rehabilitations of facilities (pipelines or pump stations). These projects are funded through the CIP.