The MDC provides flexibility to customers experiencing hardship which may be affecting their ability to pay their outstanding balances by offering customers the opportunity to opt-in to an installment plan which allows for payment over a fixed period of time. Once agreeing to a payment plan, you will be required to pay your plan’s monthly installment payment in addition to your current balance.

What happens if I receive a shutoff notice?
If you receive a shutoff notice, you should immediately contact MDC Customer Service at (860) 278-7850 (and press 2) and set up a payment plan.   You will receive notification that your account is seriously past due and MDC has made several attempts to contact you. If payment is not received after the final notice, your water service may be shut off.

What should I do if my water was shut off due to non-payment?
You should contact Customer Service at (860) 278-7850 (and press 2) during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8AM – 4:00PM). . You will also be required to set up a payment plan or pay your past due balance.  A turn-on fee of $125 will be charged to your account for water service restoration. After receiving payment, water service will be turned on the next day.

How do I make a payment?
See our “How to Pay Your Bill” page

Water Bill Assistance Programs
In addition to our payment plans, there are also financial assistance programs to help eligible customers who are having difficulty paying their water bill. Contact one of our partners to determine your eligibility for water bill assistance.

Operation Fuel
MDC created its Customer Assistance Program in cooperation with Operation Fuel to assist lower-income MDC customers who may be struggling to pay their water bill.  To determine eligibility, contact Operation Fuel at (860) 243-2345 or

Low Income Housing Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)
LIHWAP is a one-time water assistance grant program available to eligible households and is being administered by the State Department of Social Services (DSS) and several community action agency partners. The regional partner for the MDC is the Community Renewal Team, Inc. (CRT) Hartford area office. According to DSS, applications for the program for 2023 begin September 1, 2022.

Information on the LIHWAP program, how to apply and eligibility is available on the DSS website:

MDC customers can also contact the CRT directly at (860) 560-5600 or at

Right To Residential Utility During Serious Illness
Residential utility service to the home of any customer may not be terminated during such time as any resident of the home is seriously ill, provided such serious illness is certified in writing by a licensed physician to the MDC within 13 days of the mailing of the termination notice. A customer must provide a Physician’s Certification of Serious Illness Form which can be downloaded below or obtained from MDC Customer Service.

 A registered physician’s certification of serious illness shall be sufficient if initially made by telephone provided the physician forwards a completed certification form to the MDC within 7 calendar days from the date of the telephone call. If the doctor does not specify the length of the illness, a renewal of this certification will be required every 15 days thereafter. After certification of a serious illness, the customer is still required to enter into a reasonable installment plan for any overdue balance and pay all current charges for water use. Failure to meet the terms of the payment plan may result in the water service being shut-off.  Proof of residency may be required.

The MDC reserves the right to contest the validity of any serious illness certification received.

Download PDF of Physician’s Certification of Serious Illness Form