The MDC has a mass notification system to keep our customers informed during water and sewer emergencies. The “MDC Alerts” mass notification system, powered by Everbridge® gives the MDC Command Center an additional tool to communicate with residential customers and businesses during an emergency situation through multiple contact paths including home phone, cell phone, text and email. The Everbridge® emergency notification system is currently used by the State of Connecticut as well as several towns in MDC’s service area.

Initially, MDC customers listed in the white pages and yellow pages directory database will be automatically subscribed to receive emergency alerts via their landline phone. Because the main point of contact at the outset of the program is landline telephone numbers, customer notifications will occur only between the hours of 6 AM and 9 PM. As is the current practice, MDC will also continue to notify affected customers via door knocking when appropriate.

In addition to the landline notification, the MDC has a web portal where individuals can register to receive messages via cell, text or email.


The system allows each user the flexibility to choose which means of communication should be used to reach them and the order in which they will be used. In the upcoming months, the MDC will further advertise the portal to ensure the maximum number of customers become aware of their choices for emergency notification.

MDC Alerts provides our staff with another avenue to communicate quickly, accurately and efficiently with affected customers when there is a critical water emergency such as a water main break. We encourage all customers to register for MDC Alerts, as those who do will have access to multiple means of notification.