The Metropolitan District flushes approximately 11,000 fire hydrants throughout its towns beginning in spring through the end of summer of each year. This is done to maintain the quality of our water and ensure that the fire hydrants servicing your community are in good working condition for fire protection.

Fire hydrant flushing can temporarily result in discolored water.  If discolored water occurs in your home, run the cold water in your bathtub for approximately 20 minutes until the water runs clear. This discoloration is not harmful and is due to sediment and iron that collects in the pipe throughout the year which is disturbed and removed by the flushing process.

As part of the MDC fire hydrant flushing process, the MDC continuously takes water samples throughout the area to ensure that the sediment has been cleared from the system.

If the discolored water persists please contact the MDC’s 24-Hour Emergency Command Center (860) 278-7850 and press 1.

2023 FLUSHING SCHEDULE (see links for flushing area maps)

MAY 15-JULY 31
Windsor (Area 1)
Area bordered; East by- Palasado Ave.
South by- Bloomfield Ave
West by- East Granby Town Line
North by- East Granby / Windsor Locks Town Lines

Bloomfield (Area 1)
Area bordered; East by Winsor Town Line
South by West Hartford / Hartford Line Town line
West by Bloomfield Ave. & Woodland Ave
North by Windsor Town Line

Windsor (Area 2)
Rocky Hill
Wethersfield (Area 1) 
Wethersfield (Area 2) 
Newington (Area 1) 
Newington (Area 2) 
Hartford (Area 1) 
Hartford (Area 2) 
South Windsor
East Hartford (Area 1) 
East Hartford (Area 2) 

West Hartford (Area 1)
West Hartford (Area 2) 
East Granby
Bloomfield (Area 2)