A 29-member Board of Commissioners, referred to as the District Board, governs the District. Seventeen commissioners are appointed by the Member Municipalities, eight are appointed by the Governor, and four are appointed by the leadership of the Connecticut State Legislature.  Additionally, there are four ex-officio Commissioners from the MDC’s non-member towns.

Appointments made by Member Municipalities having three or more members are subject to the minority representation provisions of Section 9-167a of the Connecticut General Statutes.

All commissioners serve without remuneration for terms of six years and those commissioners appointed by the Member Municipalities and legislative leadership serve until their successor is appointed and qualified, while commissioners appointed by the Governor serve for the defined term. Commissioners serve a volunteers and are not paid.


The District Board is authorized to establish ordinances or bylaws; organize committees and bureaus; define the powers and duties of such bodies; fix salaries and define the duties of all officers and employees; appoint deputies to any officers or agents of the District; and issue negotiable bonds, notes or other certificates of debt to meet the cost of public improvements or to raise funds in anticipation of taxes or water revenue, which debt shall be an obligation of the District and its inhabitants.

The District Board has the power to levy a tax upon the Member Municipalities to finance the operational and capital budget of the General Fund relating to the sewerage system, and has the power to establish rates for the use of water to finance the operational and capital budget of the General Fund relating to water supply, treatment and distribution.

The District Board refers a proposed budget of revenues and expenditures to the Board of Finance annually. The Board of Finance reviews the proposed budget, makes adjustments if desired, and refers it back to the District Board for final review, possible modification, and enactment.

Capital project appropriations to be financed by the issuance of bonds, notes and other obligations of the District are subject to approval of the District Board upon recommendation of the Board of Finance.

For questions about the District Board including meeting schedules, notices, agendas and minutes, contact the District Clerk at (860) 278-7850 ext. 3207.