In an effort to keep rates low and provide accurate bills, MDC has moved from a manual to an automated meter reading process. This process and associated equipment allows us to obtain an actual reading by either walking or driving by the metered premises.  The readings are recorded and applied to each account electronically, streamlining the data collection process by eliminating the need for manual meter readers to access customers’ homes and for staff to input manual readings into the system to generate bills.  This provides current and accurate billing in the most efficient manner possible for all customers.

When the meter reading system in place fails, or becomes obsolete, the billing system automatically begins to generate estimated bills based on the last actual reading. If the last actual reading obtained for an account was for a low consumption period (such as winter or spring) subsequent estimated readings will reflect that low consumption, thereby contributing to estimated consumption amounts being lower than actual consumption for the period of estimation. Please note that even though actual consumption is not reported to the MDC, water consumption is recorded by the meter during this period.   All estimated bills are stamped on the top and bottom portions of the bill in large font with “ESTIMATED BILL” and the customer is asked to contact the MDC for an actual reading.

Upon installation of a new device and companion meter, an actual reading of the existing meter provides accurate and current consumption data for the period of estimation. If the actual amount of water consumed during the period of estimation is lower that the estimated amounts previously billed for, then a refund or credit is due the customer. If the actual amount of water consumed during the period of estimation is higher that the estimated amounts previously billed for, then a “catch-up” bill is generated for the remaining amount.

Understanding that a catch-up bill can place hardship on a customer, the MDC may afford customers an equal amount of time to pay a catch-up bill as it took to accrue it, with no interest or penalties assessed as long as the account remains current. Customers who have received catch-up bills and need to make a payment arrangement are asked to contact Customer Service at (860) 278-7850 and press 2.

If you are receiving an estimated bill, you are asked to contact the MDC immedi­ately to arrange for an updated water meter that will allow you to receive accurate and timely water bills.  It is imperative that you contact MDC Customer Service to schedule your appointment for an updated Radio Frequency Meter Reading System.

Contact Customer Service to schedule a time at: (860) 278-7850 and press 2.

For an example of an estimated bill, see below.