Utility Services issues permits for homeowners and contractors when sewer laterals or water service installations are needed. We provide technical assistance during the permit process along with record plans, sketches and inspections to complete the process. We have water and sewer construction standards and guidelines to ensure all water or sewer installations that are made to your property is in compliance with MDC established standards and practices.

MDC is a member of the State of Ct. Call Before You Dig (CBYD) notification system. Regulated by the PURA, CBYD ensures public safety and protects underground utilities when excavations are made.  Excavators are required by law to notify CBYD when an excavation is either planned or an emergency. The CBYD system then notifies all affected utilities in the excavation area. White paint will signify where the proposed excavation is to take place. The MDC will then dispatch their technician to locate our utilities by using paint or flags to mark the area with a color coded system. The MDC will always use blue paint for water and green paint for sewer when marking our utilities. The same color marking flags will be used when necessary in the event of wet weather or difficult marking conditions.

By using the CBYD system when installing a mailbox, planting a tree, installing a pool or excavating at your home, you are ensuring the safety of you and your neighbors as well as protecting underground utilities.  

For Permits, Water and Sewer Connections and Construction Specifications:
MDC Utility Services Department
125 Maxim Road, Hartford
 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
Phone: (860) 278-7850, ext. 3780
Email: utilityservices@themdc.com