Historically, the MDC has not been involved in the process of installing service laterals because they are located on private property and therefore the responsibility of the homeowner.

However, in 2020, the Metropolitan District Commission passed an ordinance to help MDC customers finance the replacement of water and sewer laterals as it has become increasingly cost prohibitive for property owners to pay the bill in its entirety.

The new programs offer homeowners an option to finance installing and renewing or rehabilitating the water or sewer pipes that run from the property line to their homes. Under the programs, the MDC pays the installation or repair costs and the homeowner repays the MDC through an added charge on their water bill. Homeowners approved for the programs can choose to repay the MDC over a span of either 15 or 20 years with interest.

Program Benefits

  • Ensures reliable connections to MDC Water and Sewer Services
  • Helps homeowners afford installation and repairs over longer period of time
  • Eliminates current and prevents near term leaks
  • Improves drinking water volume and pressure
  • Reduces the risk of groundwater seeping into broken pipes and the sanitary sewer system
  • Reduces the risk of potential backups into homes and properties
  • Helps conserve a vital resource

For More Information:
1. Download the brochure
Water and Sewer Service Installation Program
Water and Sewer Service Installation Program (Spanish)

2. Contact the MDC’s Utility Services Department
Phone: (860) 278-7850 ext. 3780
Email: utilityservices@themdc.com