MDC reservoirs are at 100% of capacity.

The MDC’s water supply consists of a surface water supply system of reservoirs that includes the 30.3 billion gallon Barkhamsted Reservoir and the 9.5 billion gallon Nepaug Reservoir.  When full, these two reservoirs store a volume of water (39.8 billion gallons) equivalent to 664 days, or 22 months of typical water use with zero rainfall..

Because of the large size of its reservoirs relative to the amount of water typically used, the MDC is better able to meet water use demands during drought conditions.

The MDC has drought protocols as part of our most recent Water Supply Plan approved by the Connecticut Department of Public Health. The initial drought trigger, called a “Drought Advisory”, is triggered when reservoir capacity reaches 70%. When reservoirs hit that trigger, the MDC will institute a public awareness campaign to educate customers and request voluntary conservation measures as appropriate. The MDC may identify the need to enact stronger measures depending upon the particular drought situation including but not limited to, the time of year that the drought trigger is reached. It is important to note that the MDC’s drought triggers are based on water supply reservoir levels and not state-wide weather conditions.