Press Release: MDC to Test Flood Warning Notification Sirens

Annual Goodwin Dam test scheduled for October 26
October 21, 2022
For Immediate Release

Press Release

(HARTFORD, CT) – The Metropolitan District’s (MDC) flood warning notification sirens, located at the Goodwin Dam Hydroelectric Powerhouse in West Hartland and adjacent to the Grange Hall in the Riverton section of Barkhamsted, will undergo routine testing and public sounding on

Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at 1:00 p.m. and again at 7:00 p.m. This public sounding will affect the communities of West Hartland, Colebrook, Riverton and a portion of Barkhamsted.

Each scheduled test will begin with a voice message broadcast through the warning notification sound system stating, “The following warning tones are a test of the Goodwin Dam to Riverton Evacuation Siren System. In the event of an emergency situation at the Goodwin Dam, the following alarm tone would be sounded. This is only a test. This is only a test.” Several soundings may be necessary to fully exercise the system and each test is anticipated to last no longer than five minutes.

The test will conclude with the message stating “This announcement concludes the testing of the Goodwin Dam to Riverton Evacuation Siren System. This was only a test. This was only a test.” The MDC takes responsibility for the safety and well-being of our customers very seriously and regrets any inconvenience that the noise may cause to residents during the testing period.

The tests are part of the MDC’s Goodwin Dam Emergency Action Plan and are required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for all hydroelectric power facilities. The testing has been fully coordinated with local emergency response agency officials. Questions regarding local emergency preparedness agency evacuation plans should be directed to local Police and/or Fire Departments.

Press Release: MDC’s Susan Negrelli Recognized By Construction Industry

MDC Director of Engineering receives Public Owner of the Year Award
For Immediate Release

October 19, 2022
Press Release

(HARTFORD, CT) The Metropolitan District’s (MDC) Susan Negrelli, was recently named a recipient of the 2022 Public Owner of the Year Award by the Associated General Contractors of Connecticut (AGC CT).  Negrelli, the MDC’s Director of Engineering & Planning, was recognized was presented with the award at the AGC CT’s Industry Recognition Awards event held on October 13.

AGC/CT is the building division of the Connecticut Construction Industry Association, representing commercial, industrial, and institutional construction contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and professionals serving the Connecticut construction industry. The Industry Recognition Awards are presented annually to honor industry leaders who have earned special distinction for their contributions to the construction industry.  The Public Owner of the Year award to goes to municipalities or government agencies.

As Director of Engineering & Planning for the past eight years, Negrelli oversees planning, design and construction of capital improvement and clean water projects; technical services; and supplier diversity.  The MDC’s annual capital improvement spend is approximately $80-95M.  In addition to capital projects, Ms. Negrelli has directed the implementation of the over $2 billion Clean Water Project, including the over $500M South Hartford Conveyance & Storage Tunnel project, which has been in construction for the past six years and is one of the largest construction projects in all of New England. Negrelli has been an MDC employee for over twenty-five years and remains involved in local, regional and national professional industry associations.

“Susan has played a vital role in the MDC’s commitment to improve the water and sewer infrastructure for the towns we serve. Whether it’s overseeing the capital investment of over ten miles of water main every year or the massive undertaking of the Clean Water Project, Susan has kept us moving forward”, stated MDC CEO Scott Jellison.

Independent Consumer Advocate October 12 Meeting Information

The Independent Consumer Advocate will hold the annual Consumer meeting on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.

The purpose of the meeting is to report on the Advocate’s activities and receive consumer feedback.

The meeting will be held at the MDC Training Center, 125 Maxim Rd., Hartford and also telephonically.

Anyone who wants to call in should use phone number:
1 (415) 655-0001

Access code: 438 086 61#


Press Release: Rating Agencies Reaffirm MDC’s Stable Financial Outlook

Press Release
S&P Rating Report
Moody’s Rating Report

District maintains favorable rating in advance of upcoming bond sales

For Immediate Release
August 15, 2022

(HARTFORD, CT) – MDC Chief Executive Officer Scott W. Jellison announced today that S&P Global Ratings and Moody’s Investors Service have released their ratings on the District’s upcoming and outstanding bonds. S&P Global Ratings raised its rating on MDC’s outstanding clean water project revenue and revenue refunding bonds to ‘AA’ from ‘AA-‘ and affirmed its ‘AA’ rating on MDC’s outstanding and upcoming general obligation bonds while maintaining its stable outlook for all rated debt.

Moody’s Investor Service reaffirmed its ‘Aa2’ rating on outstanding clean water project revenue and its ‘Aa3’ rating on MDC’s outstanding and upcoming general obligation bonds while maintaining its stable outlook for all rated debt. The MDC sought these ratings in advance of an $86.2 million bond sale planned for August 16, 2022. These bonds will finance $23.9 million in water projects, $38.1 million in sewer projects, and $24.2 million in combined funding projects.

The ratings from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s represent a high-grade rating awarded by each of these agencies. Because of this rating, The MDC is assured of receiving favorable interest rates when it issues bonds to finance its capital projects.

“I am proud to report these favorable ratings to our member towns, staff and bond holders. They demonstrate our prudent fiscal management during the significant challenges of the past several years. Specifically, the cost of compliance with state and federal mandates, the pandemic’s impact on our personnel, and global unrest and inflation’s impact on the costs and availability of goods for construction and operations” said CEO Jellison. “Our strong bond ratings allow us to invest and improve our complex infrastructure at the lowest possible costs to our member towns and rate payers.”

The rating reports issued by the two credit rating agencies present a thorough, objective, and independent analysis of the MDC’s financial operations and credit strength.
S&P Global Ratings indicated that its rating reflects the MDC’s “affluent service area, along with strong historical financial performance” and supported its raised rating by reporting that “all of MDC’s debt benefits from management’s ability to finance its operations from [a] diverse revenue stream that includes ad valorem taxes” and “the relative stability of those revenues.”

Moody’s reports, “[The rating] reflects the MDC’s large and stable service area with well above average income levels particularly in the suburban cities” and lists the MDC’s credit strengths to include an ample water supply, treatment capacity and healthy financial operations.

Press Release: No Water Use Restrictions for MDC Customers

Reservoirs at normal levels for July

July 14, 2022
For Immediate Release

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– Earlier today, the State of Connecticut’s Interagency Drought Working Group issued a water conservation request as part of a “Stage 2” drought declaration.  While water conservation is always prudent, there are currently no mandatory or voluntary water use restrictions being requested of Metropolitan District (MDC) customers.

Even with recent dry conditions, as of today, the MDC drinking water reservoir supply stands at over 94.5% of capacity, which represents approximately 628 days of supply in storage which assumes regular water production and zero rainfall over that time period. This is normal when compared to historical capacity of our reservoirs and current water production demands for this time of year.

The MDC’s water supply is unique in that it is a surface water supply system of reservoirs that includes the 30.3 billion-gallon Barkhamsted Reservoir and the 9.5 billion-gallon Nepaug Reservoir. The Barkhamsted Reservoir is the largest drinking water reservoir in Connecticut, while the Nepaug is the fourth largest. When full, these two reservoirs store almost 40 billion gallons of water, a volume equivalent to 660 days of supply or 22 months of typical water use.

Because of the large size of its reservoirs relative to the amount of water typically used, the MDC is better able to sustain operations during dry conditions than other water utilities in Connecticut.  It is important to note that the MDC’s vast Barkhamsted Reservoir watershed area, that extends into Massachusetts, can receive rainfall even if the greater Hartford area doesn’t.

The MDC will continue to monitor weather conditions and reservoir levels and advise customers if and when conditions warrant any water use restrictions in our service area.