Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Due to the delayed MDC HazWaste Collection schedule - if you have materials that you cannot wait to dispose of - there are two organizations you can contact in the meantime.

You can bring paint to a Paintcare location ( Please use their website for a location near you. Once on their website you can enter your zip code for a listing of locations near you. Most Paintcare locations will accept up to five gallons of paint, providing the labels are intact. During COVID-19 please call the locations to be sure they are accepting paint.

In addition there are NEDT Household Hazardous Products Collection Centers located in Sutton and Westfield, MA that are permitted to accept household hazardous products  from households of any municipality in Massachusetts and certain adjoining states.  See info at their website: You will need to contact them directly to make arrangements and please note that there is a charge for this service.

Each spring and fall, the MDC conducts a regional household hazardous waste collection program at a series of local sites in member and non-member towns. The program offers a number of benefits to residents and municipalities:

  • Residents have the opportunity to participate in a collection day in their respective towns as well as in other collections throughout the year.
  • Participating municipalities enjoy financial savings from the effect of pooling under a single contract the services of a licensed hazardous waste management firm.
  • The contractor assumes full responsibility for the collection, transportation and proper disposal of hazardous waste items.

Hazardous waste cannot be simply thrown out with the trash, flushed, or poured down the drain because it passes the problem along to the environment, polluting the air and the water.  So the MDC sponsors a HazWaste Program to collect the waste and dispose of it through safe, environmentally responsible practices. 

The MDC urges you to participate in a Household Hazardous Waste Collection in your town.  Protect the health of your kids, your spouse, your pets, and the environment.  You may participate in MDC’s household hazardous waste collection program if you are a member of any participating town; and you may participate on any MDC sponsored collection day.

Residents of any of the following participating towns can participate in ANY MDC sponsored collection day: Bloomfield, East Granby, East Hartford, Hartford, Newington, Rocky Hill, West Hartford, Wethersfield, Windsor and Windsor Locks.

For any questions, please contact the MDC’s Hazwaste Hotline at (860) 278-3809.


The Household HazWaste Info Packet contains the complete schedule of MDC sponsored HHW collections for the current calendar year. The Info Packet also summarizes items accepted by the program and items the MDC cannot accept. If an item cannot be accepted at an MDC sponsored collection potential alternative disposal locations are listed. The Info Packet also provides some general information on how to reduce the amount of household hazardous waste you generate.

Hazwaste Information Packet 2020 Revised 3.24

Hazwaste info packet for small businesses, non-profits and municipalities

Hazwaste Schedule 2020 downloadable PDF

2020 COVID-19 Protocols for Collections