Press Release: North Hartford Sewer Improvement Projects Underway

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Multiple assistance programs available to MDC customers

(HARTFORD, CT) – The Metropolitan District (MDC) announced today that it is working with the State Comptroller Sean Scanlon’s office on the Hartford Flood Compensation Program, stated that that the North Hartford Sewer Improvement projects are underway, and reminded customers about having their homes assessed for backwater valves to protect against sewer backups.

State Comptroller’s Hartford Flood Compensation Program

Legislation passed earlier this year established the Hartford Flood Compensation Program. The charge of this grant program is providing financial assistance or reimbursement for things such as repairs to eligible owners of real property in the city of Hartford who experienced damage caused by flooding.  Comptroller Scanlon announced yesterday that the application process will be available beginning September 1, 2023. “MDC is proud to be working with Comptroller Scanlon, Dr. Rhule, and our representatives on this initiative to assist Hartford residents,” said MDC CEO Scott Jellison. For more information, visit

North Hartford Sewer Improvement Projects
Earlier this year, MDC agreed with CT DEEP on a consent order for the sewer project schedule with a goal to begin construction in July. As promised, preliminary work on the first sewer separation project on Durham Street in Hartford started in July.  Additional separation projects, sewer rehabilitation projects and private property improvements in North Hartford are scheduled to begin soon as well.

MDC recently hired two Hartford-based community outreach firms through an RFQP process to assist with facilitating information to residents and community groups about the impact of the sewer improvement projects planned for their neighborhoods. Janice Flemming and Karraine Moody, who head each of the firms selected, have previously done community outreach on behalf of the MDC’s Clean Water Project.

Sewer Backup Prevention – Backwater Valve Program
MDC’s backwater valve program helps customers avoid sewer backups into their homes. MDC staff performs on-site assessment of the property’s internal plumbing setup in order to apply the best solution available.  The property assessment and any improvements installed are free of charge for any eligible customer. For information on the program,

Jellison stated, “Our backwater valve program can prevent sewer backups in basements. While it can’t stop street flooding or prevent stormwater and groundwater from entering homes, it can provide protection for your home from sewage backups. This program, combined with the larger planned construction projects such as sewer separation, sewer rehabilitation and other private property work, will make real improvements to the infrastructure for our customers in North Hartford.