Press Release: MDC Reminds Customers to Sign Up for Alert System

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MDC Alerts system notifies customers of water emergencies

November 18 2021
For Immediate Release

(HARTFORD, CT) – The Metropolitan District (MDC) is reminding customers to sign up for the
“MDC Alerts” mass notification system to keep citizens informed during water and sewer emergencies.  The “MDC Alerts” system gives the MDC Command Center an additional tool to communicate with residential customers and businesses during an emergency situation through multiple contact paths including home phone, cell phone, text and email.

The initial contact method for notification is publicly listed landline telephone numbers, to which calls are made between the hours of 6 AM and 9 PM.  In addition, the MDC continues to notify affected customers via door knocking when appropriate.

The notification system allows each user the flexibility to indicate which communication methods should be used to reach them and the order in which they will be used. 

A video explaining the notification system is available on the MDC’s website, YouTube and social media pages:

A link sign-up portal for customers to register to receive messages via cell phone number, text or email is located on the MDC’s website:

The direct link to sign up is:

MDC CEO Scott Jellison stated, “With the cold weather season here, we want to be proactive in helping our customers be prepared for potential water emergencies.  We encourage our customers to sign up as soon as possible.”