Press Release: MDC Adds Operation Fuel Donation Option to Water Bill

Press Release

Beginning in May, the Metropolitan District (MDC) will implement a change to its mailed water bill that allows for customers to donate to Operation Fuel. Customers can “Add a dollar” or choose an amount of their choice. Previously, MDC customers were able to donate to Operation Fuel only through its online bill pay system.

Operation Fuel is the only year-round emergency energy assistance program in Connecticut, providing help with electricity, water, natural gas, oil, and other energy bills to residents across the state.  Since 2018, the MDC has partnered with Operation Fuel to administer and qualify its regional customers struggling to pay their water bills. 100% of the funds donated to Operation Fuel via customers’ bills go directly to aiding prequalified MDC customers in paying their bills. All funds donated are processed and credited to the customers’ accounts by the MDC.

MDC Chairman Donald Currey stated, “We are thrilled to expand our financial support for MDC customers in need, and provide another way for our customers to donate.” CEO Scott Jellison stated, “Since our partnership began several years ago, we have worked diligently together to help close the gap on water affordability issues with our customers’ generous donations.”

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