Project Area map of NBPR / Granby Blue Hills Sewer Rehabilitation
Project: The work consists of CCTV & Cured in place piping / Lining 64,000 linear feet (12 miles) of sewer main, Reconnection of 1,975 Active Service Laterals, 116,950 LF of Service Lateral Lining from the sewer main to the building or cleanout, 50 feet of Sewer Main replacement, 173 sewer main and service point repairs, 290 cleanout installations, as well as sewer manhole lining and rehabilitation in the North Branch Park River known as the Granby / Blue Hills area.

Contractors: National Water Main
Schedule: Q1 2024 – 2026
Cost: $26.7M
Work Completed:
Project Outreach Construction Notices:
Sewer House Connection Lining Notice 4.1.24