Durham Street Sewer Separation Project Area Map
Project: Work includes installation of storm drain, storm drain stub connections, sewer main lining and sewer house connection lining and manhole lining. 
Private Property work is also being offered including sewer back up prevention (Back water valve, check valves, sump pumps) and sewer inflow separation (gutters, yard drains, etc.)
Number of Properties: 23
Contractors: VMS Construction
: July to November 2023
Two neighborhood outreach meetings held in advance of water main work (July 12 and 13)
Preliminary water main work (Lyme to Palm) began in Mid-July
Sewer Separation work scheduled for mid-September

Project Outreach Construction Notices
Durham Street Sewer Separation Construction Notice
Durham Street Water Main Replacement & Meter Pit Construction Notice
Durham Street Public Outreach Meeting Notice