Press Release: MDC Urges North Hartford Customers to Opt In to Free Sewer House Connection Program

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North Hartford Sewer Improvement Projects Information

Private Property lining/repairs in Tower Avenue Project Area to begin

For Immediate Release
(HARTFORD, CT) – The Metropolitan District (MDC) is urging residents in its Tower Avenue Sewer Rehabilitation project area to participate in the Sewer House Connection Program. The program is part of the MDC’s Integrated Plan that was recently approved by the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP), which regulates and funds a portion of the work associated with the Clean Water Project, the multi-billion-dollar sewer infrastructure upgrade program. A major change to CT DEEP’s policy regarding funding for the current phase of the program was to allow partial funding for improvements to MDC customer’s private property consisting of that portion of the sewer house connection extending from the home to the property to the property line. As part of North Hartford Sewer Improvement Projects, MDC and its contractors will inspect and line, and if necessary repair, the sewer house connection at no cost to the customer.

The Tower Avenue Sewer Rehabilitation project involves lining the sewer main in the street and each sewer house connections, as well as making sewer point repairs of sewer manholes and reconnecting catch basins to the stormwater system. Sewer lining stops groundwater from getting into pipes (through cracks and leaks), improves the structural integrity of the pipe, and reduces risks of blockages. Upon completion, a customer’s renewed sewer house connection could last an additional estimated 50 years. MDC outreach staff has canvassed the project area over the past several months to inform residents about the construction and request permission to do the private property work. It is important to note that MDC’s contractors will not line the sewer house connections located on a customer’s private property without this written permission. If a customer does not opt in to the program, any future work to private property lateral may be completed under the Sewer House Connection Program, and would likely be a more disruptive and costly method of repair, including excavation on your property.

MDC’s contractor will begin lining the sewer main line and house connections in the Tower Avenue area starting the week of October 9 on the following streets: Ashford, Addison, Greenwich and Rosemont. Outreach staff will also be reaching out to the next set of streets in the project area which includes Rutland, Cambridge, Melrose and a portion of Tower.

Residents of those streets in the project who have not yet opted into the program and wish to do so should contact MDC Outreach Liaison Mandisa Walker at (860) 797-0370 or